Lab Facilities

The department has a modern laboratory to serve up the teaching and research needs of the students and faculty of the department. We have well-equipped laboratories with facilities like servers, workstations, desktops and networking devices.

Net Lab

  • There is 6 Mbps leased line internet connectivity available and all the systems in the lab are networked.

Data Structure Lab

  • Data Structure Lab provides in depth knowledge about different structures that is used to store the data. Data is like raw material, once some meaning is added it becomes information, stacks, queues, lists are some of the structure where data can be stored and processed.
  • They also have some real example like waiting in a queue for a cup of coffee, having a funny game etc. Hashing, sorting, searching techniques are implemented successfully.

Object Oriented Programming Lab

  • To strengthen their problem solving ability by applying the characteristics of an object-oriented approach.
  • To introduce object oriented concepts in C++ and Java.
  • Analyze and decompose problem specifications from Object Oriented Perspectives and represent the solution using UML notation.
  • Apply an object-oriented approach to developing applications of varying complexities.

Network Programming Lab

  • Students are guided to code networking programs in creating and securing connection in the network.
  • Networking concepts are very important in the day-to-day operations. Internetworking and Intranetworking concepts are verified successfully.
  • Simulator is used for the study of certain operations. NETSIM is the present simulator used. Some algorithms like shortest-path first, DVOP, P2P, SPF, SJFC, FCFS are implemented.

Operating Systems Lab

  • The objective of this lab is to teach students about various operating systems including Windows, Mac and UNIX. Students learn about systems configuration and administration.
  • Students learn and practice technologies related to mobile computing.
  • Students are able to explore the problem of the operating system and solutions.

Dbms Lab

  • The Objective of this lab is to provide students with hands-on experience to understand and be familiar in Oracle database, SQL, Oracle Reports, Oracle Forms, PL/SQL, MySQL and PHPADMIN.
  • It creates awareness of current issues effecting database management including XML and similar technologies. Students explore Rational Rose Enterprise Suite application as a software modeling tool for system analysis, design and development.
  • Students are exposed to SAP application for understanding Enterprise Computing Systems.
  • Students can learn the fundamentals of creating, manipulating the database and creating packages for real-time.