Lab Facilities

Communication Lab

  • To conduct practical classes on analog Electronics circuits providing matter-of- fact on diodes transistors FET and digital electronic circuits. The lab is equipped with latest multiple power supplies Digital Storage Oscilloscopes Analog Oscilloscopes Function generators Logic Scopes etc.
  • This lab is also utilized by the students to gain more practical knowledge pertaining to wireless communications including study of modulation and demodulation techniques Transmitter and receivers analog and digital communication Methodologies etc.

Digital Signal Processing System Design Laboratory

  • The lab has been setup to conduct practical work for the subject Digital Signal Processing. The simulation tools like LAB VIEW and MATLAB with SIMULINK are on hand.
  • DSP Starter kit TMS320C50 Based DSP Trainer kit LAN Trainer kit CDMA DSSS Trainer kit are offered for studying the various signal processing techniques.

Linear & Digital Integrated Circuits Lab

  • This lab is being used by the students to gain more practical knowledge pertaining to the study of linear integrated circuits including op-amps regulators and other linear ICs.
  • Equipment like Digital Logic trainer Kit Linear IC Kit Linear IC tester kit Digital IC tester Kit Digital Simulation Kit Microprocessor and Microcontroller Kits are available to enhance the interest of the student in the field of Integrated Electronics.


  • The lab has been setup to prepare the students in the area of high level HDL design standard cell design analog design architectures and synthesis of VLSI circuits and verification of VLSI designs.
  • This gives a better understanding of the problems faced and the tools used at different stages of VLSI design.
  • These experiments help the students to select a project closer to their field of interest in later stages of their studies.

Microwave Lab

  • This lab is used by the students to study about multi port RF networks and about passive microwave components.
  • In this lab students use the equipments like Reflex Klystrons Gunn diode and couplers.
  • The experiments in this lab help the students to gain the practical knowledge about microwave components and to analyze the various parameters of the microwave devices